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    Kara Malatia
    January 12, 2022

    We arrived at 8:11 when they were closing at 9. They explained that they had been slow all day and due to protocol must close and what was out was all they had. This was not enough for our orders. My child was excited for this style of food and so we ordered her some noodles. I had an unpleasant exchange with the woman serving who I asked for a large and she said there wasn’t enough so she would have to make more and it would take some time. I could tell the customers were inconveniencing to the staff, and had just been told what was out was it so this offer confused me and I stated the original container was fine, twice. She proceeded to fill a large angrily and without paying attention to me and rung us up. The box was all vegetable with such small cuts of noodle I couldn’t pick them out individually. Behind us 4 more customers walked out due to how unwelcome paying guests were. On top of all this the sign says mask required. The unmasked family in front of mine was served the last of the orange chicken and treated better than compliant customers. This location has serious problems if they are turning down money, slow day or not if customers can’t count on you to serve within your stated hours you are likely missing out on hundreds each closing early. Will never patronize this location again.

    Adam Lum
    September 16, 2022

    It's a clean place, seems well managed, food is as expected, and (the kicker) there's outdoor seating. That family meal is a steal. $32 for 3 entries and 2 sides.

    Fletcher Kimble
    March 04, 2023

    I order through the app all the time, usually it's alright. The last two times I ordered they did not have my two favorite items available in the app, I figured they were discontinued. But when I went in to pick up my order they had the two items available. Minorly frustrating but I get it, I've worked jobs like this before, so I politely let them that the items weren't available in the app and picked up my order to head home and eat it. When I got home and started eating I realized they got my order wrong and mixed up the Beijing beef I ordered with the broccoli beef? I think? Idk what this is that I got but I've been avoiding the broccoli at this store due to all the reviews that mention it. Pretty upset that of the order I usually make 2 items were available but not through the app and the order I placed was not the order I got.

    Don Richard
    May 07, 2023

    If you are going to charge extra for the honey walnut shrimp, don't fill the container half full and expect me to say nothing. This thing is maybe 50% filled... Don't come to this Panda Express. They train their employees to be VERY stingy with the premium items they charge more for!

    Gail Ziminsky
    April 03, 2023

    Disappointed with Panda Express in Loveland tonight. Ordered on line delivery at 8:18. Delivery scheduled for 8:50. FINALLY delivered COLD at 9:33. Could not eat most of it because it was chicken. Not willing to take the risk of food poisoning. Called Panda Express and they would do nothing! Said it was DoorDash’s fault. DoorDash said Panda Express should take care of! DoorDash refunded 15% of my order! Whoopi! Still not finished with this debacle!

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